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October Resource Round-up: The Best of SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing

Posted Tuesday, November 4th, 2014 in Resource Roundups by .

readingThere was a lot of SEO news in October, but let's be honest, there was really only one story that mattered. Welcome to the world, Penguin 3.0. This month's roundup will certainly reflect that major development from last month, but as we always say, SEO, content marketing, and social media should work together to serve a singular purpose. With that in mind, we've collected the best blog posts on those subjects and rounded them up here for your convenience. Check out what you missed when you have a moment, and if you're looking for the same great content the rest of the month, join us on Twitter, Google +, or Facebook. Enjoy!


How Big Was Penguin 3.0?

Sometime in the last week, the first Penguin update in over a year began to roll out (Penguin 2.1 hit around October 4, 2013). After a year, emotions were high, and expectations were higher.

Google May Add Mobile User Experience To Its Ranking Algorithm

Google sees what users see, and if that is a bad mobile experience, it may impact your rankings.


Is Viral Content Always Successful Content?

Posted Monday, November 3rd, 2014 in Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing by .

glassesIt’s an incredibly exciting thing to see something you’ve created go viral. It means people find it so important that they’re sharing it with anyone who’ll listen.

It means you’ll be enjoying an unprecedented influx of traffic, and that both your name and the brand you represent will be - if only for a brief moment - known across the web.

Is that always a good thing, though? (more…)

Why Content Marketing Requires A Storyteller’s Flair

Posted Monday, October 27th, 2014 in Content Marketing by .

Millais_Boyhood_of_RaleighStorytelling is as old as human civilization itself. From ancient tribes gathered around their campfires to bards in medieval taverns; from 19th-century poets to modern-day novelists, the art of storytelling has been a major part of how we communicate for centuries. It’d be foolish to think that the Internet - prolific though it may be - has changed that simple fact.

If anything, with the birth of social media, the capacity to weave words is more important today than ever before.

“Stories,” writes Content Marketing Institute’s Debbie Williams, “make life interesting and give people a way to connect. People crave them, which creates a big opportunity for brand storytelling.” In short, if you’re skilled at telling a story and are willing to put in the work, you can be a top-notch content creator- it’s really that simple.

But what if you don’t have the gift of gab - what if tossing together a narrative isn’t something that comes naturally to you? (more…)

Estimating The Ideal Time Of Day For Your Blog Posts

Posted Monday, October 20th, 2014 in Content Marketing by .

Public domain image, royalty free stock photo from www.public-domain-image.comTiming is everything - and that’s doubly true when you’re running a blog. Post at the right time and your traffic will surge as hordes of people access and share your content. Post at the wrong time of day, and there’s a good chance no one’s going to see your articles at all.

It’s no secret that humans are creatures of habit, after all. We tend to work in patterns - meaning we do most of our computing over specific timeframes.  With that in mind...what is the right time to post? (more…)

Tiered Link Building Is A Waste (And Not Because It's Spam)

Posted Wednesday, October 15th, 2014 in Search Engine Optimization by .

spider webDon't do the tiered linking thing. Ever.

So you're a churn-and-burn SEO? Fine. I'm not here to preach ethics. If that's how you've chosen to build a revenue stream, and you're not breaking any laws, go right ahead. It would be a terrible move for us as an agency, but who am I to tell you how to run a business?

It still doesn't matter. Tiered link building is still a waste of resources.

There are only 2 "reasons" to build tiered links.

  • To hide spammy links
  • To increase your PageRank score

Let me explain to you why tiered links do not effectively accomplish either of these goals. (more…)

September Resource Round-up: The Best of SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing

Posted Tuesday, October 14th, 2014 in Resource Roundups by .

reading with pipesWe've said it before and we'll say it again: SEO, content marketing, and social media should be working together to achieve a singular goal. With that adage in mind, each month we search through the seemingly endless mounds of internet content and collect the best posts we can find from the worlds of SEO, content marketing, and social media. Here's the best from September and the beginning of October brought together in our monthly roundup. Check out what you missed when you have a moment, and if you're looking for the same great content the rest of the year, join us on Twitter, Google +, or Facebook. Enjoy!


SEO Rank Correlations And Ranking Factors 2014  – Google U.S. –

We made it and just in time for this fall's season. So download Ranking Factors 2014 on your tablet or smartphone because this study will be your best SEO read yet. Last year’s Ranking Factor study placed positive emphasis on good content, onpage technology and social signals that correlate with better positioned websites.

Panda 4.1: The Devil Is in the Aggregate

I wish I didn't have to say this. I wish I could look in the eyes of every victim of the last Panda 4.1 update and tell them it was something new, something unforeseeable, something out of their control. I wish I could tell them that Google pulled a fast one that no one saw coming.


Everything You Need To Know About Native Advertising

Posted Monday, October 13th, 2014 in Content Marketing by .

light bulb“Native Advertising” is the latest, greatest buzz-phrase in the world of online marketing. Everyone wants in on it and everyone’s keen on espousing the virtues of it. The problem is that no one’s entirely clear on exactly what it is.

Let’s see if we can’t change that. Today’s focus is going to be on sifting through some of the hearsay surrounding the term. In the process, we’ll take a look at what makes a good native ad - and what practices you should avoid like the plague. (more…)

Is "Coopetition" The Only Real Way Out of a Rut?

Posted Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 in Marketing Strategy by .

chessIf this is your first time hearing the word "coopetition," your first response is probably a lot like mine was: "What is this, the corporate equivalent of 'frenemy?'"

But, it turns out, coopetition is actually an important concept, an insight from the mathematics of Game Theory, and quite possibly the only way for a company, even the market in general, to escape a state of stagnation.

On its face, the word "coopetition" seems like it should be self-explanatory. It's when two businesses that compete with each other also collaborate for their mutual gain, right? On the most superficial level, yes, that's exactly what it means. But without understanding a few important things about game theory, coopetition is both too easy to dismiss, and too easy to do wrong.

So let's talk about how coopetition works, and why there's a possibility that it's the only way for your company to progress. (more…)

What Exactly IS Content Marketing, Anyway?

Posted Monday, October 6th, 2014 in Content Marketing by .

penLet’s be honest - advertising isn’t exactly what it used to be. Consumers today have little patience for being marketed to. We’ve devised a host of tools, systems, and solutions to shut out traditional marketing. That leaves anyone who’s unable to adapt in a rather difficult spot - how do you sell to someone who’s already geared to ignore you?

The answer is simple: Content Marketing. “Smart marketers,” reads the Content Marketing Institute Blog, “understand that traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective by the minute, and that there has to be a better way. Enter content marketing.”

For those of you who don’t know exactly what it is - buzz-phrases tend to be pretty ill defined, after all - content marketing is a marketing technique whereby you create regular, relevant content for a website. The idea is that users are going to come your site in order to see that content - and that when they’re there, they’ll likelier be more willing to support your brand. Pretty simple, right? (more…)

Why the "Top of Google" Isn't What SEO Is About

Posted Wednesday, October 1st, 2014 in Search Engine Optimization by .

mountain topThis is not a post about how you can't trust SEOs who "guarantee" a place at the top of search results. (Does anybody actually do that anymore?)

This is not a post about how no amount of SEO knowledge will allow you to rank at the top for any search query you want. (No, you can't.)

This is not a post about how revenue and/or profit are more important metrics than rankings. (Because, duh.)

This is not a post about how there is no such thing as ranking #1 for a query, because everybody's search results are personalized and their are no universal search positions anymore. (Also true.)

This is a post about why you shouldn't always care whether or not it's possible for you to show up in the number 1 spot for a search query. It's a post about a common misunderstanding. Fail to understand it, and you could be missing out on massive opportunities. (more…)

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